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Many people who use nangs for cooking or baking find them to be very useful, but they can also be misused as a recreational drug. Nitrous oxide, or nangs, are inhaled through balloons or directly from the bulb. The nangs are easy to obtain and can be purchased from various online businesses. However, these businesses are now facing calls for tighter sales restrictions to prevent misuse.

These nangs are often advertised on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, as well as on websites that can be easily accessed through a web search. The sites promote the products as baking supplies, and some even include recipes for whipped cream. But the nangs are also sold to teenagers who use them to get high. The nangs are easily available and affordable, and there’s no limit to how many they can purchase at once.

Some doctors say the increased availability of nangs will lead to more health issues. One expert says people who use nangs are often admitted to hospital after suffering severe side effects from their use. He says this is a direct result of the easy access to so much nangs that are available. Nang use did go away for a while during the pandemic, but it is cropping up again.

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